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Easter Products

Ford’s selection of popular gum ball products, specially packaged for the Easter selling season will put spring in your sales.

Easter Gumball Machine Toy Ban w/1.4 oz Gum
Item #:65404
2/12 ct.
Easter Big League Chew
Item #:66026
2/12 ct.
Big League Chew® Filled Easter Egg
Item #:66050
2/6 ct.
Easter Bubble Gum Mini Egg Carton
Item #:65322
6/24 ct.
Smarties Bubble Gum Jumbo Egg Carton
Item #:65382
2/24 ct.
Easter Egg Carton 4 pack
Item #:65242
1/24 ct.
Easter Egg Gum (Avail. 10/1 - 12/15)
Item #:180110
3900 ct.
Sugar Free Egg Gum (Avail 10/1 -12/15)
Item #:180111
3900 ct.

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